Tour Prices

  • SHORT TOURS (operating from Redcliffe)

20 Mins, (approx.) ---------$30

40 Mins, (approx.) ---------$50

60 Mins, (approx.) ---------$80

  • CUSTOM TOURS (by appointment)

Basic charge, $80 per, hour for one or two passengers.

Set Tours:

      3   Hours (approx.) ------- $240

      4   Hours (approx.) ------- $320

If a set or quoted tours runs overtime, you will only be charged the stated/quoted price.

  • Prices are for the Motorcycle/Sidecar & Driver
  • Two passengers maximum, minimum age 8 years and must be able to reach the foot rests if traveling on the bike as a Pillion.
  • Times and costs may vary depending on Pick-Up location.